Case Studies at Haus am Waldsee im Bikini Berlin on Berlin Art Grid
Haus am Waldsee im Bikini Berl...

Opening Case Studies

Genres: design, fashion

For the ninth “showcase exhibition”, Haus am Waldsee at Bikini Berlin gives an insight into the knitted designs by Konstantin Laschkow and Laura Krauthausen. With their label CASE STUDIES, the emergent designers, who graduated in fashion design from Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, defy the fast pace of fashion industry by intensive experimentation with material, technique and form, and thus create innovative knit editions, on the interface between art and textile design.

Laschkow and Krauthausen concentrate on developing innovative surfaces. By thoroughly conceiving patterns, which are the result of a small selection of chosen colours, they create designs that condense in front of the viewer’s eye into dynamic colour gradients.

In their current collection, they move away from exclusively producing fashion, and focus on home design. In April, CASE STUDIES was represented at the furniture fair in Milan.

Wed, May 30

Budapester Straße 46-48, 10787 Berlin


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