Home is Where the Hearth is at Centrum on Berlin Art Grid

Opening Home is Where the Hearth is

Artists: joseph craig
Genres: art installation, sculptur

Humans have been sitting around fires for thousands of years-- 300,000 in fact. The mastery of fire marked a significant turning point in the evolution of humans, and over time, humans began gathering around fires to eat and socialise.

Today, while fire is no longer necessary for our survival, the fireplace still has a presence in the contemporary western home-- physically and emotionally. Acting as the spine of a household, this archaic structure ties us to nostalgic scenes of domestic bliss, and acts as a monument to the nuclear family. "Home is Where the Hearth is" examines the ways which fireplaces cinch us to dated traditions and histories, obscure outliers, and prevent us from moving forward.

Within Joseph Craig’s installation, a contemporary fairy tale will unfold, through which he inserts himself into the dormant passages that anchor us to festive traditions, cinematic illusions and our great aunt's ashes. These cavities no longer scorn at party pashes or laddered fishnets, they become an entrance to something higher.

Joseph Craig is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans sculpture, print, illustration, and performance writing. Using methods of experimentation and play, the artist attempts to explore the various taboos which manifest once an individual finds themselves in a territory where their body is alien. The artist's relentless excavation of his own childhood is an exploration to unearth reasons behind personal motivations and interests which shape both the artist’s identity and work.

Fri, Apr 07
Opening hours

open by appointment


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