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Artists: menno aden, verena brüning, aina climent, giovanni cocco, lia darjes, dorothee deiss, joe dilworth, anna eckold, oliver feldhaus, ayala gazit, andrea gjestvang, caroline gotsche, ann-kathrin greiner, alexander grennigloh, michael grieve, mika gröber, hara
Genres: Photography, group exhibition, berlin

Keep Your Eyes Peeled
Groupexhibition - Berlin Gallery Weekend 2017

Menno Aden, Verena Brüning, Aina Climent, Giovanni Cocco, Lia Darjes, Dorothee Deiss, Joe Dilworth, Anna Eckold, Oliver Feldhaus, Ayala Gazit, Andrea Gjestvang, Caroline Gotsche, Ann-Kathrin Greiner, Alexander Grennigloh, Michael Grieve, Mika Gröber, Harald Hauswald, Thomas Hoepker, Heinrich Holtgreve, Amelie Kahn-Ackermann, Thomas Kellner, Isabel Kiesewetter, Susanna Kirschnick, Karsten Klaußner, Mirjam Klessmann, Karolin Klüppel, Constantin Köster, Birgit Krause, Charlotte Krauss, Sasha Kurmaz, Inga Alice Lauenroth, Werner Mahler, Dawin Meckel, Marielle Viola Morawitz, Inga Orschinski, Maria Pavlova, Jana Ritchie, Ina Schoenenburg, Daniel Seiffert, Sarah Straßmann, Katrin Streicher, Phuong Tran Minh, Kathrin Tschirner, Matthias Walendy, Ann Kathrin Warter, Sinta Werner, Yana Wernicke, Maja Wirkus, Franca Wohlt & René Zieger

Vernissage, Friday, 28.04.2017, 7pm
29. + 30.04.2017

'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' is an exhibition project of the aff Gallery. It takes place in the gallery space at irregular intervals during special art highlights throughout the year. During this year's Berlin Gallery Weekend a group exhibition will be on display that shows works by the aff photographers and artists selected from the extended network of the gallery and its members.

Photography today influences our daily lives more than any other medium – to facilitate communication, for recording memories, as documentation and evidence, as a research tool, to make notes, and, of course, as artwork. Images are captured, fill our hard drives, pop up on various screens and implant themselves in our thoughts. The apparatus - the smart phone, the camera, or the wireless transmission - occurs mostly in the background, and we cannot identify their operations within the image production. We are surrounded by a diversity of photos that shape our vision and experience so that the complex everyday life appears partially relieved but also inscrutable.
In this tradition, the aff Gallery continues its exhibition format 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled', to respond to developments and tendencies in contemporary photography. In a short exhibition, the communication with and through our images, will be temporarily brought back to a common real place (the gallery).

Foto: © Alexander Grennigloh

Fri, Apr 28

Kochhannstr. 14
10249 Berlin


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