Michael Schuster - Wieder Sehen (seeing again) at mianki on Berlin Art Grid

Opening Michael Schuster - Wieder Sehen (seeing again)

Artists: michael schuster
Genres: cut outs, leaves on paper, contemporary art, drawing

mianki.Gallery shows from March 24th to May 13th, 2017 in the solo exhibition "Wieder Sehen (Seeing Again)" new works by Michael Schuster.
Cut Outs: leaves on paper, sculptures and installation

Images emerge, penetrate into consciousness. Images disappear again, seem to be gone. But they’re stored. Images, so many images in our imagination, inner images. A coming and going.

Not just the pictorial recording of our surroundings and our encounters. Also the seeing again after short or longer separations, or absence. The "seeing again" is charged differently in importance and intensity depending on the context. We even come across it in sayings, “You’ll never see that again".

Memory arises in the in-between. The moment, the image, seen from up close, changes in the distance. A constant arising and becoming, but also a vanishing and the image changing with every memory because time and context exert their influence. Each seeing again is therefore also always a new encounter and we cannot escape this process.

The original seeing fades away. There it is again: the transience. It’s hardly there for a moment, and then it’s gone. Or put another, more hopeful, way: Barely is the moment over, than a new moment, follows a new moment. So a seeing again is always something unseen, seeing again is a new seeing. Here’s to perpetual seeing again!

Tue, May 23
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