PARK at Galerie im Turm on Berlin Art Grid

Opening PARK

Artists: lola gÖller, kathrin günter, lilli kuschel, sara-lena maierhofer, klara ravat, randi renate und kay walkowiak

PARK is a theme park, a zoo, a playground, the idea of an island, a concept store, holiday park and also, a kind of kindergarten.
Spreepark is a PARK, Tropical Islands is a PARK, Tate Turbine Hall is a PARK, Holzmarkt 25 wants to be a PARK, too.
Other PARKS are: Neverland, Tinder, Disneyland and Dismaland.
The airport Tempelhof became a PARK, then a temporary home for people on the move, and will soon be a curated space for dance.
We are continously designing new spaces of experience for our leisure time — real and digital — opening and closing them.
PARK is controlled fantasy, a guided gaze and isolated play. Hyperreality and simulacrum, to be experienced three-dimensionally.
Happiness, sublimation, the scent of popcorn and a souvenir shop. Cliché, collective ecstasy, world experience and Gesamtkunstwerk.
Peter Pan, Peak Time and lunar rocks — all simulated.

Every PARK is an assertion (see above). In times of radical convergence of work and play, the exhibition at Galerie im Turm looks at spaces designed for leisure — in spatial strategies of sound, scent and sculpture as well as photography and film.

Thu, Jul 20
Tel: 030-422 94 26

Opening hours

Tue-Sun 12 noon - 7pm


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