Alexey Vanushkin / Splay Anthem  at Galerie Thomas Schulte on Berlin Art Grid
Genres: Installation

Alexey Vanushkin’s installation „Splay Anthem“ at Galerie Thomas Schulte challenges viewers to question their visual perception and habit of processing visual information. The multimedia installation comprises the artist’s work Funerary Flowers (Children around the courtyard would warn each other: “Don’t step on the flowers after the funeral or you and your relatives are gonna die.) consisting of hundreds of red carnations spread across the floor of the gallery’s Corner Space and the video W. Vanushkin’s video assembles elements from film and advertising, which enhance each other to parodistic effect thus enabling the viewer to take a critical stance.

Opening: Friday 26 January 2018, 6 - 9 pm

12 months ago
Sat, Jan 27 - Sat, Mar 10
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Opening hours

Tue–Sat: 12am–6pm and by appointment


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