Das Licht hat sich geändert / The Light has changed at Alexander Ochs Private on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: bettina scholz, andréas lang
Genres: photograhy, painting and collages

In the exhibition The Light Has Changed, two extraordinary Berlin artists, Bettina Scholz and Andréas Lang, meet in one space. While Scholz was capturing light in multi-layered paintings behind acrylic glass, Lang was again on the road with his camera in Cameroon.
By coalescing known forms and new elements, Bettina Scholz creates screen-like glass paintings with notions of dystopian landscapes and scenarios of an imagined future.
In Andréas Lang's photographs of natural, realistic landscapes, his images of forests as well as his human subjects is found a light that can lead the viewer to a change of perspective.
In the footsteps of his great-grandfather, Lang recently completed a very successful exhibition Cameroon And Congo. In Search Of Traces And Phantom Geography at the German Historical Museum in Berlin. Bettina Scholz looks back on an equally successful exhibition Hall (together with Nik Nowak) at the Kunstverein Schwäbisch Hall.

New opening hours for this exhibition are Tue-Fri 12-6 pm and Sat 10 am-2 pm.

Photocredits: Bettina Scholz, fire&ice, 2017, Buntlack und Tusche auf Acrylglas und HDF, COURTESY ALEXANDER OCHS PRIVATE

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