Debbie Davies & The I Love You Project at LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: debbie davies
Genres: Photography, Video Art, assemblage, abstract paintings

April 8 - April 29 (See gallery website for hours)

The exhibition includes Debbie Davies' abstract paintings, paper assemblages, and photography from The I Love You Project which was conducted in Spain, Germany, and Ukraine.

LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum was founded by Debbie Davies for the purpose of celebrating cultures, diversity and helping fellow artists. This mission is represented by the international collection of artists we have exhibited since our launch one year ago and the themes of their exhibitions.

LiTE-HAUS is a non profit organization - Ad Finem gGmbH - and relies on the generosity of the Berlin community, art sales, and grants to survive. We are happy to see our little gallery become popular in Neukölln and hope to continue bringing interesting art and events to you. Please bring friends and if you don't buy any art, please donate via our website. We need it!

~ 1 year ago
Sat, Apr 08 - Sat, Apr 29
Tel: 1-917-690-0796

Opening hours

Please visit our website for current hours.


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