Eva & Adele - L’amour Du Risque at me Collectors Room / Stiftung Olbricht on Berlin Art Grid

EVA & ADELE - L'AMOUR DU RISQUE presents the artist-couple’s work over the last 25 years in an installative retrospective spread over several rooms that explores the concepts underlying their art and imagery.

Their finely nuanced and radically transgressive artistic existence is illustrated in a wide range of media including drawings, paintings, photography, video, and sculpture from their most important groups of works, as well as self-made costumes and costume logbooks. Their everyday lives are spent as a permanent performance, an idea they developed from their concept Wherever We Are Is Museum. Through their commitment to this personal and artistic partnership, and in keeping with their slogan Over the Boundaries of Gender, they demonstrate their vision of a new way of defining gender roles.

The title of the exhibition L’AMOUR DU RISQUE emphasizes not only the couple’s love for each other, but also the risk they collectively share, to this day, by radically exposing themselves to external and internal dangers with their chosen way of life.

For the exhibition, EVA & ADELE have created small gift items, including perfume from Grasse, the centre of the perfume industry, and handbags. There is also a catalogue and a comprehensive programme running parallel to the exhibition.

Curated by Heike Fuhlbrügge.

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