Finissage & Publication Launch: "Home is Where the Hearth is" at Centrum on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: joseph craig
Genres: Performance, Installation, Sculpture

A new publication will accompany Joseph Craig’s exhibition “Home is Where the Hearth is”, which will be launched with some readings of the artist’s texts.

“Home is Where the Hearth is” examines the physical and emotional presence of fireplaces in the contemporary western home, looking at the way they cinch us to dated traditions and histories, obscure outliers, and prevent us from moving forward. Within Joseph Craig’s assemblage of imagery, text and objects a contemporary fairy tale will unfold, through which he inserts himself into the dormant passages that anchor us to festive traditions, cinematic illusions and our great aunt's ashes. These cavities no longer scorn at party pashes or laddered fishnets, they become an entrance to something higher.

Joseph Craig is a London based multidisciplinary artist, he flips social norms on their head by utilising methods of play to explore the various taboos which manifest once an individual finds themselves in territory where their body feels alien. The artist probes his own childhood as a way to understand the factors which have shaped both his identity and his work. He collects objects and materials based on their potential to be repurposed in opposition to their intended function. These assemblages become retaliations against the social and political narratives which shape one’s identity.

~ 2 years ago
Sun, Apr 23 - Sun, Apr 23
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