Fließende Körper - Exposure: Double solo exhibition by Enrico Pietracci and Jürgen Bürgin at Luisa Catucci Gallery on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: enrico pietracci, jürgen bürgin
Genres: Photography, contemporary art

Fließende Körper is the end point of a long series of artistic experimentations by the Italian/Berlin based artist Enrico Pietracci.
With the aim to reach a renewed esthetical form, the artist explores a new way of expression where visual and performance art fuse themselves in-between the pure lines connecting the moving bodies and the graphic painting.
What emerges from this fusion is a particular esthetical form, able to overcome the incommunicability of the dynamic and emotional actions while promoting the interactions between the artist and the subject.
The photographic result of this form of “light painting” is what allows the traces left by the dancers in the very present moment of their action to extend the effect of their vital force, reaching the balance between the bodies’ disruptive expressiveness and the composedness of the line.

2015 represents a sort of turning point in the artist’s creative growth: after several years experimenting with drawing, he finally discovered the medium of photography.
Constantly looking for a new esthetical form of expression, Pietracci finds in the “light writing” par excellence, the perfect field for the development of that open dialogue between the subject and the artist, which stays at the core of his artistic vision.
Every photo session takes place in the contest of the artist’s personal atelier, where the dancer/performer is free to move around the space allowing the photographic eye to record their action.
The photographs are realised by using a Reflex camera and the effects are the result of an accurate work trough a specific use of lightening and exposure time.
No work has been in any way modified in postproduction.

A wondrous world of dazzling illusions and crafty (dis)simulations, authentic space of daring feats and extreme acts, a field of adventure and drama – all this and more is the sandy arena known as circus that lives and dies, everyday, by suspense, contrast and contradiction.
Circus is creation, creative invention and physicus fiction. Together, the Berlin photographer Jürgen Bürgin and the literary scholar Anna-Sophie Jürgens explore these imaginaries of the Arts of the Ring. Taking the circus(‘) shadow as point of departure, Exposure illuminates the affinities between circus and fiction while unveiling the arena where its traditional dimensions ends and the fiction begins in the shadow of the history of Circus Arts.
Jürgen Bürgin, born in 1971, is a photographer living and working in Berlin.
His works have been exhibited at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York, at the Fotogalerie Friedrichshain in Berlin, at the Galerie Lardon in Ahrenshoop, at the Deutsche Bank in Berlin-Charlottenburg, at the Galerie Aspekt in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, at Cologne
Art Fair, at the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg, at the Galerie im Saalbau in Berlin, and at the Galerie Seifert Lardon in Berlin. His photographs have been awarded several times, e.g. by the renowned Berlin based photography gallery C/O Berlin. He has been shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Award, as an Urban Photographer of the Year and he took second place
at the Brennpunkt Award of the Browse Fotofestival in Berlin. In 2016 his photo book URBAN FEVER – Scenes from city life has been published.
Anna-Sophie Jürgens is a scholar of Comparative Literature and currently a Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Humanities Research Centre of the Australian National University in Canberra. In 2016 she published a monograph on “The Poetics of the Circus – The Aesthetics of Hyperbole”, which is the very first comprehensive comparative discussion of circus in fiction, especially in contemporary novels.

11 months ago
Thu, Jun 08 - Sat, Jul 01

Allerstraße 38 12049 Berlin


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