Foto.Kunst.Boulevard. at Martin-Gropius-Bau on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: lars berg, daniel biskup, michel comte, esther haase, attila hartwig, meiko herrmann, kiki kausch, tom lemke, kevin lynch, christoph michaelis, andreas mühe, konrad r. müller, peter müller, nigel parry, thomas rabsch, oliver rath, paul ripke, holde schnei
Genres: photograhy

Art as a universal good increasingly conquers the media landscape. The exhibition presents documentary and staged photographs, contemporary history and everyday life, heads and curiosities from the tabloid journalism of the last years. 26 renowned photographers are involved: Lars Berg, Daniel Biskup, Michel Comte, Esther Haase, Attila Hartwig, Meiko Herrmann, Kiki Kausch, Tom Lemke, Kevin Lynch, Christoph Michaelis, Andreas Mühe, Konrad R. Müller, Peter Müller, Nigel Parry, Thomas Rabsch, Oliver Rath, Paul Ripke, Holde Schneider, Martin Schoeller, Florian Sommet, Andreas Thelen, Antoine Verglas, Wolfgang Volz, Ellen von Unwerth, Wolfgang Wilde, Frank Zauritz. They all took photographs on behalf of Bildzeitung. It is a small selection from the masses of images that convey to us the essence of the world every single day. More subtle than texts, they tell of politics, society, culture, the media and the zeitgeist. Tabloid photography has long been part of our cultural history, and a number of photographs have found their way into our collective memory. The exhibition traces the history of these images – and with it the stories that each of them tells.

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