Generikum at Klemm's on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: adrian sauer
Genres: contemporary photography, photograhy, photo, photografie

Adrian Sauer uses the conception of photography as constituent for his works. He explores the digital image, its nature and its culture. Sauer’s works are designated by a unique appearance oscillating between hyperrealism and simultaneously an apparently unreal surface. In the ‚Thrombo ASS’ series Adrian Sauer investigates the universal mass production and its generic ramifications where he brings to light a fragment of the globilized world. The artists questions the concepts of the ‚original’ and ‚originallity’ that are subordinated to concern for the preservation of the human body, which serves as a connecting element.

12 months ago
Fri, Jan 19 - Sat, Mar 03
Tel: 030 40 50 49 53

Opening hours

Tue–Sat: 11am–6pm


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