Gestures of Alchemy at Top Schillerpalais on Berlin Art Grid
Top Schillerpalais

Gestures of Alchemy

Artists: jonathan stubbs, louise mary thomas, hanna-turner-duffin
Genres: contemporary painting, Painting

Gestures of Alchemy

Group show with works by Jonathan Stubbs, Louise Mary Thomas and Hannah-Turner-Duffin.

curated by Søren August Vallø Jacobsen and Alice Morey

Opening Friday 5th May 6-9pm
Workshop and Artist talk Saturday 6th May 3-7pm
Burnt Sienna Berlin Workshop 13th May 3-7pm




Beyond the depth of

Beyond the mark,
Cluster of granules,
Of lines that fade in and out,
Up and down,
Moving with an uncontrollable stream of consciousness,
Weaving in, dipping.’

There is a methodology to making painting. It is a system that artists have obeyed and disobeyed for a long time. It’s about testing the limitations of the material, and finding that point where the image or the object transcends the material and becomes something else.
It has a steadiness, an accumulation that builds up in the making, and unwinds in the viewing.

This show reunites three British painters that studied in Falmouth, UK ten years ago. The conversation will be about friendship, tenderness, remembering, losing touch, changing lives, chaos, order and using your hands. It all takes places around this central dialogue of painting: the consistency of the material pressed through three revolving lives, and its expression through colour, shape, movement, image and form. It’s a show for people that love painting, love what it can do, and what it brings out of you.

The work will be shown in the surround of the new changes to Top Schillerpalais, a space for bioart, bioscience and the new campaign Top Lab.

During the exhibition there will be an Artist talk and a workshop by Burnt Sienna Berlin, an artist cooperative providing classes and mentoring material relating to the visual arts.

11 months ago
Fri, May 05 - Sat, May 13

Schillerpromenade 4
12049 Berlin


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