Holger Krischke me|you at HilbertRaum on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: holger krischke
Genres: contemporary photography, contemporary art, Photography, photography and installation

For over ten years, Holger Krischke has been working on a long-term project that deals with the question of identity and with the discrepancy between the self and the outside. me|you is a subjective - and paradoxical - attempt to get to the bottom of personal identity and to document this ongoing process with photographic portraits. Krischke's critical examination of the question of identity goes hand in hand with the same way of dealing with the medium of photography, which finds expression not least through the partial destruction of the positive image. These interventions in surface and material are empty spaces, which are to be understood as information gaps, which change between reduction and defacing of the portrayed persons - and thus to the core Krischkes question to refer: What is necessary to identify and recognize who we are are?

11 months ago
Sat, Aug 04 - Sun, Aug 12
Opening hours

Fri 6 pm- 10 pm, Sat+Su 14–19 pm


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