Internet Fame. A Group Show at on Berlin Art Grid
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The exhibition INTERNET FAME is part of the official Embassy Program of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale.
The exhibition explores the shifting relationship between #Art, #Internet and #Fame in the age of total #digitalisation.

VERNISSAGE: 13 January, 7 pm - 9pm
free entry
AFTERPARTY: 13 January, 9 pm - open end
music selectors: Fingalick & Berlin Disaster
donation 3 - 5 eur.

On the 20th of January, the "Internet Fame" exhibition-project by Clusterduck collective and are hosting a special evening of performances and life music, exploring the shifting grounds of Fame in the age of interconnection.

Join us in this spectacular journey and don’t forget to pass by to visit the show from 13th to 26th of January!

List of Artists participating the Embassy:

Amalia Zhang (together with C. Rosati)
Colin Rosati (together with A. Zhang)
Andy Kassier (together with R. Munaba)
Richard Munaba (together with A. Kassier)
Byrke Lou
Carol Breen
Esben Holk
Gregory Chatonsky
Jules Durand
Katrin Krumm
Martin Kohout
Mara Oscar Cassiani
Nadja Buttendorf
Paul Wiersbinski
Philipp Teister
Ruby Gloom
Violet Forest

over 1 year ago
Sat, Jan 13 - Fri, Jan 26
Opening hours

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Thu, Fri 1 pm - 7 pm
and Sat 3 pm - 8 pm
and for special events

Outside exhibition dates
on request, please contact us:
info [at]


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