Karma Ltd. Extended | Chapter #6: Species Of Spaces at ACUD GAllery on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: anna zett, heba y. amin, deniz gül, lawrence abu hamdan
Genres: conceptual art, performances, sound performance, Installation, artist talk

SPECIES OF SPACES is the sixth chapter of the curatorial collaboration
Karma Ltd Extended. The title of the exhibition refers to the eponymous
publication by Georges Perec (Espèces d'espaces in Paris 1974), in which
the writer and filmmaker examines various spatial concepts and questions
the definition of space, border and possibility.
"Life means going from one room to another", writes Perec and is surprised
that people everywhere are met with watches, but rarely people with a
compass. The need for orientation in space seems to receive far less
attention than the need for orientation in time. And while most people find
the law of passing time depressing, few take offence at the given regional
planning. Perec's story tries to take the reader away from his usual views
and points of view. What does the dotted line on a map mean? Is she
locking anybody in or locking anybody out? How can we shake and rethink
the obvious, the trivialities of human existence, in a world where consensus
sets the tone? The exhibition and the accompanying programme of the
exhibition SPECIES OF SPACES search for unusual and unconventional
perspectives on subject, species and space.

ACUD GALLERY 22.09 - 28.10.2018
with works by Anna Zett, Heba Y. Amin, Deniz Gül, Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Heba Y. Amin is an Egyptian artist and scientist. Amin's work is based on
intensive research and an artistic practice that deals with the connections
between geopolitics, migration and technology. For example, she examines
the influence of infrastructures on the human psyche in many different
media using various connecting lines, disturbances and faulty memory
cultures. By connecting different stories, she questions and reconfigures
narratives from global zones of conflict. She is particularly interested in
subversion techniques and critical spatial tactics that challenge existing
systems, power relations and powers of interpretation.

The starting point of Lawrence Abu Hamdan's audiovisual installations and
performances is his exploration of our auditory consciousness and memory,
mostly using the example of highly political contexts. In recent years, Abu
Hamdan has often worked as a sound expert with the independent Forensic
Architecture Institute, which uses artistic methods to uncover human rights
violations, publish evidence and make it available for trial. In his own artistic
work, Abu Hamdan develops abstract scenarios that address state and
industrial violence and propaganda.

Anna Zett is an artist, author, director for film and radio. Her work
combines documentary research and analytical perspectives with an often
playful, interaction-oriented approach. The mythology of modernism
between history and practice, between science and fiction, through which
Zett investigates the transformation of her political and emotional fields of
association, is at the center of her work time and again.

Deniz Gül's poetic and experimental artistic practice navigates between
fine arts and literature. She is particularly interested in the embodiment
strategies of objects and spaces. She meticulously analyses the
relationships and contradictions between center and periphery, body and
identity, history and memory, language and archetype, ritual and metaphor.
Gul opens spaces that do not seem primarily logical, but rather aim to open
up hidden possibilities and perspectives.

9 months ago
Sat, Sep 22 - Sun, Oct 28

Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin


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