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Willner Brauerei Berlin

Lost - 48 Hours Artfestival

Artists: christopher bauder, sven sauer, jerry kowalsky, aldo van den broek, julia sossinka, polly & zwerg, jürgen schwämmle, ria wank, bony stoev, tadao cern, itsthehype, tom kretschmer, anastasia obaregbe, and many more
Genres: art festival

The final 48 hours of one of the last off-locations in Berlin will be a nonstop art festival, after which the doors to this unique location will close forever.

The Willner Brewery numbers among the last off-locations for artists in the heart of Berlin. Since 2012, the old brewery has supported a vibrant art community, but must now make space to accommodate the demands of a burgeoning real-estate market. Nevertheless, on December 17th, 2017, the doors of this impressive industrial complex will close.

Before this cultural landmark is turned over to its new owners, the artists of Berlin would like to pay tribute: In the 48-HOURS-CLOSING-ART-SHOW, the entire premises, including areas which have been closed to the public, will be open to Berliners hungry for new experiences. Every single room will be active.

The three Berlin-based exhibition makers, THE DARK ROOMS Exhibition, ENTER ART FOUNDATION, and PRIEST AND PRAWNS will transform the entire space into an immersive art experience. Every building complex will host one of their staged exhibitions: Lost Society, Lost Humans, and Lost Control.
Three Berlin labels will fill the complex with 48 hours of electronic music.
Two stages will feature a nonstop program of artist talks, performances by opera singers, singer-songwriters, pianists, and others.

After 48 hours, the doors of the brewery will close forever.
LOST Berlin is curated by Clara Cremer.

Tickets for the Artshow are free:

12 months ago
Fri, Dec 15 - Sun, Dec 17

Willner Brauerei Berlin
Berliner Strasse 80-82
13189 Berlin


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