Mythology and Science at Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: joseph beuys, andré breton, marcel duchamp, auguste rodin, jonathan borofsky, akim monet, tyrone richards, mathias schauwecker, andres serrano, robert wilhite
Genres: modern art, contemporary art

Celebrating its 7th year in operation, Akim Monet Side by Side Gallery is pleased to present in
partnership with the Musée Rodin Paris and private lenders, its most ambitious exhibition to date:
"Mythology and Science". Alongside rare works by Auguste Rodin, several pieces by world-renowned
international artists, as well as a new series of works by Akim Monet, are featured in this
conceptual installation. Through a "Duchampian" process of appropriation, Monet extends his longstanding
photographic practice by transforming objects through a subtle conceptual treatment. Most notable among these is the first presentation, in association with the Ateliers d’art de la Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand-Palais (formerly Les Ateliers de Moulage du Louvre), of his sculpture "Black Nike", an alter ego of the Winged Victory of Samothrace and an ambiguous
herald of an uncharted future.

The four themes in the present exhibition address some of the most important human endeavors
that for the first time in our history give us the power to determine the future of our species. Gene
editing & DNA manipulation; brain machine interface & artificial intelligence; the quest to become a
multi-planetary species; and nuclear weapons kindle for some the hope for a better future. For
others, these themes evoke the fear that humanity could become obsolete, and therefore risks
extinction. Whether this will lead to our extinction -or to our salvation, remains an open question.
In any case, it is believed by many that humankind will evolve more in the next thirty years than it
has in the past three hundred.

Wrapping the mind around these momentous subjects, we come to muse upon the foundations of
Western culture, and a moment in the not so distant past, when the intellectual grounds of our
civilization were laid, a time inhabited by the heroes of Greek mythology, a world in which humans
and gods interacted. As one of the early accounts of the genesis of the world, Greek mythology
has extensively influenced the culture, arts, and literature of Western civilization. Therefore it
should come as no surprise that certain aspects of the present moment, in which science and technology are the heralds of our future, feel like the realization of ancient myths.

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