Papel, Papel at Galerie Jordan/Seydoux - Drawings & Prints on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: paul van der eerden, gilgian gelzer, michel gouéry, alexandre léger, odile maarek, diana quinby, elmar trenkwalder, ina van zyl.
Genres: drawing

Over fifty works on paper, the majority of them no larger than the standard A4 format, are on view at the Galerie Jordan/Seydoux. These drawings reveal a shared passion for a certain pictorial tradition while affirming strong graphic personalities. For most of the exhibitors, drawing constitutes a central part, if not the entirety, of their practice. Each artist clearly revels in the contact of hand to paper, in the wielding of pencil or charcoal, pen or brush. The intimacy of the formats suggests that the artists have opened up their sketchbooks, exposing the inner workings of their visual thinking and inviting us to follow their hand and eye across the paper’s surface.

9 months ago
Fri, Jan 12 - Sat, Feb 24
Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 12-18


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