Parcus Gallery at Walter-Benjamim-Platz 01 - Wilmersdorf - Charlottenburg - 10629 - Berlin - Deutschland on Berlin Art Grid
Walter-Benjamim-Platz 01 - Wil...

Parcus Gallery

Artists: reiner langer, aleksandra panic, corine manen, renato cavallo, jan aine
Genres: comtemporary

Parcus Gallery is an unique Contemporary's Art Gallery with constant new shows from artists all over the world. With a cast of high level artists, in a combination of styles, a constant exhibition that always changes with news and releases. It is worth to regularly visit this point of high taste and quality. Great acquisitions and market prices are compatible with the high quality of their works. Artists on alert guarantee good acquisitions. Multilingual assistance.

4 months ago
Thu, Feb 01 - Thu, Dec 31

Walter-Benjamim-Platz 01
10629 - Berlin - Deutschland


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