Philippe Parreno at Martin-Gropius-Bau on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: philippe parreno
Genres: contemporary art, art installation

French artist Philippe Parreno sees the medium of exhibition as a living organism that can be set in motion by light, sounds and images. His focus is less on the individual object, but rather on the choreographed interaction between the various components. The application of chance principles allows the exhibition to develop and change over a certain period of time, so that the work comes to life and generates an eerie presence. Performative moments ensue; the objects produce something more than the sum of their parts – a choreography of absence and presence that challenges our knowledge of the simultaneity of things and their control. Philippe Parreno’s exhibition is conceived as a synthesis of artistic disciplines. It is the first solo exhibition of this internationally renowned artist’s work at a major cultural institution in Germany.

An exhibition organised by Berliner Festspiele as part of the programme series Immersion. Made possible by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Photo: Exhibition view of Philippe Parreno: “La levadura y el anfitrión”. Museo Jumex, Mexico City, 2017
© Andrea Rossetti

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