Pola Brändle: 'Plakatief Goes Metropolis' at coGalleries, Torstraße 170, 10119 Berlin on Berlin Art Grid
coGalleries, Torstraße 170, 10...

Pola Brändle: 'Plakatief Goes Metropolis'

Artists: pola brändle
Genres: collage, decollage, urban art, street art, poster art

Pola Brändle Exhibition


Featuring a selection of new works by German artist, Pola Brändle. Her works reveals the transformative nature of decay through her layering and collaging of weathered and decomposing poster fragments collected from her personal exploration of over 36 countries, forming intricate layers of colours, textures and images.

Opening: 6 October 6-10pm
Running: 6-16 October

11 months ago
Fri, Oct 06 - Mon, Oct 16

coGalleries, Torstraße 170, 10119 Berlin


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