"robben & Winkler" at Galerie im Turm on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: eric winkler

Eric Winkler

05/25/2017 starting: 7pm

Facebookevent: https://www.facebook.com/events/1067178320079319

For his exhibition „Robben & Winkler“ the Berlin based artist Eric Winkler creates a collection of fashion pieces as an hommage to Berlin’s Robben & Wintjes OHG Autovermietung, a berlin-based car- and transport-rental.


Robben & Wientjes is unpretentious persistent and long-established. Their analogue work routine minimises barriers and maximises the democratic accessibility. At Robben & Wientjes we are all the same. Melting pot of the heterogeneous masses of Berlin identities. In their headquarter Prinzenstraße Kreuzberg they smoke; corded telephones; no credit cards asked for and online-booking not possible. The „Robbe“ as a synonym for qualification and potential of mobility and transport. Survival-warrantor of a self-employed precariat. It is the better television-tower. Underground style. Landmark of Berlin’s streetscape. Only walking is cheaper.


Robben & Winkler is Haute Couture and Pret-à-Porter in the whole variety of a pluralistic Berlin way of life. Appropriation boilersuit. Codes and attributes to work, heritage, obsession and daily reality manifest in a costume-like manner to the symbolic capital of a individual local existence.
Berlin characteristics meld in fringes, cuts, labels and accessories. In his pieces Eric Winkler gives form to his biographical and romantic bond to Robben & Wientjes as well as to the unuttered resistance of a indigenous Berlin company.

With guest contributions of and cooperations with
Adriana Quaiser, Viron Erol Vert, Real Madrid/Isaac Penn, Steven Paul, Anne Fidler, Lorena Maza, Marie Jeschke, u.a.

11 months ago
Fri, May 26 - Sun, Jul 09
Tel: 030-422 94 26

Opening hours

Tue-Sun 12 noon - 7pm


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