'Shape of Time' by Indian Panoramic Photographer Amit Pasricha at Under the Mango Tree Gallery on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: amit pasricha
Genres: modern art, contemporary art, documentary photography, Photography

The present always has the traces of the past. And its transition to a moment in the future depends on how the play moves on now. The spaces created in the framework of time are only in a state of impermanence and in this impermanence there exists an expanse for the imagination to create and restore the shape of the time.

Amit Pasricha´s enthusiasm to record this impermanence is not only connected to his passion for the frame; the explicit illustrations of increasingly close relationship between documentation, investigation and aesthetics of space, inseperable in reality are his conscious artistic approaches applied to capture the images in their authenticity. On wooden bridges and forgotten villages, the chant of an ancient sacred rhythm plays on. Interesting to observe in his work is the space between the subject and the viewer where the drama of life unfolds itself. Be it a silent landscape, the afternoon sunlight in the house in Kashmir or a palatial home in Bengal, there seems to be an acceptance of the other in the framework of their intimate surroundings.

As a panoramist, he takes in all accessible details into his frames so that the viewer is drawn into the lives of the portraits, arriving at an envisaged understanding of their relationships with their space and each other. Direct and keen observation is the expression that aptly describes his methodological approach to his works. It also expresses his intention to produce representations that are realistic and free of preconceived ideas. In the juxtaposition of series of photographs, he observes the possibility of drawing attention to the physiognomies and postures that are typical of different groups, genders and generations as well as to the individuality of their members. The exhibition in its temporary framework opens the viewer an opportunity to gather intricate details moving from image to image, as many necessary to tell a story ever after. Born in a family of photographers, Amit always had a keen eye and his love for the panorama and later attended Maine Photographic workshops and studied with Bill Allard, Jody Cobb, Steve McCurry, Mary Ellen.

As India‘s foremost panoramic photographer, he is well known for his architectural and social documentary work and has been exhibited in India, Berlin, London and New York. He is winner of the Indian Tourism Award 2008. His Book Spiritual India won the German silver prize in 2014. His book India at Home was launched in August 2016 .

12 months ago
Wed, May 09 - Fri, Aug 10

14 Merseburger Strasse, 10823 Berlin, Germany


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