Sophia Zarders Solo Exhibition -Tinsel Angels at SomoS on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: sophia zarders
Genres: solo exhibition, drawing, Painting, watercolor

SomoS presents Tinsel Angels, a solo exhibition of paintings, illustrations, and an animation from artist-in-residence Sophia Zarders.

With a tinge of humor, Tinsel Angels combines Sophia’s newfound daily life living in Berlin with her constant grapplings with anxiety and depression. She has a deep infatuation and respect for religious imagery and pop culture that manifests into emotional self portraits. Sophia nods to her loves of classic cinema, trashy television, DIY zine culture, and the city of Los Angeles. She also alludes to her experience as a Black American in Berlin with the anticipation of returning to a tumultuous land.

Sophia’s residence in Berlin has been documented within a sketchbook turned graphic novel in which the artist has filled the pages with visuals of daily life. This exploration of the day to day has also been translated into a series of large self portraits on paper. These pieces combine her surreal inner fantasies with the realities of both her residency and her home of Southern California. She uses her watercolor pencils, pens, and ink to visually depict her inner monologues.

About the Artist:

Sophia is an illustrator and graphic novelist from Long Beach, CA. She works as a freelance artist and an art instructor for artists with disabilities. She has been commissioned by activist groups and organizations across the United States, including Forward Together, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and the Long Beach chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Sophia received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from California State University, Long Beach.

5 months ago
Wed, Nov 14 - Sat, Nov 17
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