Søren Hüttel - A little bit of soap at Galerie Kuchling on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: søren hüttel
Genres: contemporary painting, light objects, art installation, Sculpture

Galerie Kuchling is delighted to present the first solo exhibition in Germany of the Danish artist Søren Hüttel. In "A little bit of soap", we encounter various figurative and linguistic fragments of pop culture from the 1980s to today, with characters and stars such as Alf, Pamela Anderson, Sarah Jessica Parker and the eternally beautiful, soft-focus figures of “Dynasty”. The strangely sentimental-looking icons and quotations of a world made out of kitsch, candy colours and grand emotions are removed by Hüttel from their original context. In the exhibition space, Hüttel’s (light) installations and watercolour works become unusual pictorial signs of a pop aesthetic that present us with a surprising ambiguity.

Vernissage on 24th June from 7-11 pm.

11 months ago
Sat, May 27 - Fri, Jun 30
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