The Serpent Eats Its Tail at Ludwig - The Fluid Gallery on Berlin Art Grid
Ludwig - The Fluid Gallery

The Serpent Eats Its Tail

Artists: russell james redwood harris
Genres: conceptual art, fibre art, textiles, queer art, olfactory, Installation

An exhibition of new work by artist Russell James Redwood Harris.

The Serpent Eats Its Tail is the artists first solo show and consists of a series of masks and ritual objects that evoke a world steeped in the slow movement of time and the blind transformations of geology. They are alternative god figures that suggest a primordial world. They are echoes of past rituals, half created by human hands, and half created by the course of nature.

The story of The Serpent Eats Its Tail begins with a fascination for alchemy, a spiritual practice aimed at transforming the mundane into the sublime. Russells absorption in alchemy led him to a heightened awareness of similar transformations happening all around us in the natural world. During his research, he became fascinated by the primordial processes that shaped the Earth — the gradual modifications of evolution, the slow shifting of the continents, the unimaginable stretches of time it takes for rocks to form.

Central to the exhibition is a series of masks that conjure images of alternative god figures, of skin-walkers and therianthropy. They illustrate the evolution of an idea within the artists head.
Displayed on standing stones, there is something hallucinatory about the offering, which makes sense as hallucinogenics have been used by witch doctors, wisemen and shamans across the globe to change and alter consciousness allowing them to commune with the spirits of the land or the woods, or to communicate with their tribal ancestors.
Russell hopes that The Serpent Eats Its Tail can be approached with both the mind and the visceral intelligence held in the body. It is his intention to create immersive environments that rely on all the senses. Russell has collaborated with AER scents, an independent Berlin-based perfume house, to create olfactory halos to surround the objects on display.

8 months ago
Thu, Sep 06 - Thu, Oct 18

Anzengruberstraße 3, 12043 Berlin


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