Tra un'alba e un tramonto c'é un'eclisse/ Between a Dusk and a Dawn there is an Eclipse at Galerie Mario Mazzoli on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: alessandro sciaraffa

“Tra un'alba e un tramonto c'é un'eclisse” is the first solo exhibition by Alessandro Sciaraffa (Turin, Italy, 1976) at Galerie Mazzoli in Berlin.

Identifying a field of extraordinary scope and wealth of conceptual convergences in his research on the [reality of] sound and its interpretative potential – sound in its broader meaning of inclusiveness (given the extreme variety and articulation that the frequencies of acoustic waves entail), Sciaraffa is dedicated to exploring a body of physical characteristics that are essential and fundamental to the physical phenomenon of sound. The exploration of the phenomenon of vibration, certainly a manifestation that is not only part of the truly “physical” universe, but which extends to other dimensions, perceptual, indeed, and psycho-acoustic.

Thus, in this way, the moon becomes a kind of immense musical instrument and mirror, capable of recreating new sounds: its well-known ability to reflect the light of the sun seems to have stimulated the imagination of the artist, who utilizes the wide spectrum of sounds collected from the audience during the participatory performance (songs, words, conversations, voices, performed melodies, to name a few …) in order to achieve a complete redefinition of the possible relationship between terrestrial presences and heavenly bodies. In establishing a hypothesis of the possible relationship, a sort of communication process with the vast resonant material of a planet, the moon now rises to/becomes? a paradigm of mirroring – an immense basin of projection that is able to return us a body of sounds that, among echoes, reflections, delays, reverberations, and resonances, are the materialization of a dream perhaps as ancient as humanity - to rediscover a “kindred” presence.

Francesco Bernardelli

11 months ago
Fri, Jun 23 - Sat, Jul 29
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