Unmittelbar - Painting Exhibition at Berlin-Mitte on Berlin Art Grid
Artists: can henne
Genres: contemporary figurative painting



exhibition opening
August 5, 1pm -
Zionskirche, 10119 Berlin

Exhibition runs until 31. August 2018

Music at the opening
AX APE - Experimental Soundscapes
".. atmospheric sound universe of saxophone, electric guitar and electronic music -
sometimes minimalistic and trance-like, sometimes experimental and intense."

From 5. to 31.of August Can Henne presents his current series of oil portraits "UNMITTELBAR".
The total of 16 paintings in the exhibition show different faces, enlarged and stretched to the edge of the canvas. Accessories, hairstyles or other personal
characteristics are not to be seen, the focus is on the look of the pictured face.
The facial features are translated in demarcated, simplified strokes and contrasting surfaces; they indicate the signs of age and the anatomy of the face
only picturesque.
Despite the slight alienation the (álla-prima) painted portraits appear idiosyncratically alive and demand the viewers approach without delay.
You are cordially invited to do so in this church as an ideal space.

Opening times
Wed to Sat 13-18
Sun 11-17

Free admission

11 months ago
Sun, Aug 05 - Fri, Aug 31

Zionskirche, 10119 Berlin


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