Campagne Premiére

Nina Koidl and Henning Weidemann founded the Berlin gallery Campagne Première in 2008 as a site for the production and presentation of conceptually oriented artistic positions. The gallery represents emerging artists working predominantly with film, video, photography and installations, including Uriel Orlow, Marco Poloni, Vittorio Santoro, Fayçal Baghriche and Noa Gur, amongst others, whose cross-disciplinary artistic practices call into question the concept of the work of art and its conditions of production. Campagne Première engages in the production of thematic solo exhibitions that span multiple media, like Marco Poloni’s “The Majorana Project” and Uriel Orlow’s modular installation “The Short and the Long of It”.

In addition to showing new and recent work by artists the gallery represents, Campagne Première has exhibited historical works by established artists who have positioned themselves critically at the boundaries of their medium, thereby entering into dialogue with the gallery’s main program. Campagne Première has produced and exhibited the film/text loop “Hôtel Berlin” with British artist Victor Burgin and shown rare works by Sol LeWitt. Group exhibitions with conceptual and film artists, like Ryan Gander, William Kentridge and Christoph Girardet, have underlined the breadth of contemporary conceptually oriented strategies.

Campagne Première complements its exhibition program with lectures (by Victor Burgin, among others), performances (for example by the New York movement artist Yves Musard), and screenings (including works by the pioneering American experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage).

Tel: +49.30.400 54 300

Opening hours

Tue - Sat 11am - 6pm

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