Born in Berlin in October 2009, from an idea of the Italian artist and curator Luisa Catucci, runned with the support of Igor Falcomatà, Cell63 Artgallery exhibits a large range of emerging artists from the international art scene.
The gallery shows artworks from different backgrounds: illustration, painting, photography, graphic design, sculpture and installation.
The selection of the art is made on the basis of the surrealistic and pop ambience that they represent: the connection with the world of bizarre, animated by fantastic characters at the borders of a dreamy waking and a realistic nightmare;
the relations that bond in a dreamy way, human beings with rest of nature; and an old passion of the owner for fairytales, myths and legends; the dimension of the interior imagination, already shown by the number 63 itself, which in the Italian traditional numerology is the protector number of artists and dreamers.

Cell63 artgallery is also a meeting point for eclectic performers. From Improvisation Dance to Body Art, from live music to theater, artists can find the right place for expressing creative ideas.
Every opening combines one or more performances, elaborated on the exhibition concept.

The exhibitions rotate every 6 weeks, more or less, with an Opening or an Event on the 1st friday of the month.
A selection of original artworks and limited editions prints is always available and can be purchased in the gallery or online.
Cell63, your personal window with a view on Wonderland.

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Opening hours

Tue-Fri + 2nd & 4th Sat 14-19h

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