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The window gallery BERLIN-WEEKLY.COM in Linienstr. 160 in Berlin Mitte was founded by Stefanie Seidl in June 2010

BERLIN-WEEKLY.COM is an on- and offline gallery space with a weekly update.

It is an arranged window on display for 24 hours a day – in the city and on the internet.

BERLIN-WEEKLY.COM offers an interdisplinary playground and stage for artists and innovative designers. will reveal: The window of the week, The photo of the week The quote of the week, The tip of the week —

BERLIN-WEEKLY.COM gives artists and designers an opportunity to present their work in a well-frequented location in the neighborhood of renowned galleries in Berlin/Mitte to a wide and international public.

You can look at the gallery window for 24 hours – it always will be illuminated and of course one also can find more detailed pictures and descriptions of the exhibited works for 24 hours on the internet. The gallery space itself is always closed unless there is an opening or in some cases it will be opened by appointment.

Berlin- weekly functions as a creative platform for artists and designers as well as an advertising or self promotion space for the exhibiting artists. The window installation works somehow as a teaser – it should stimulate the spectators interest in order to learn more about the exhibiting artist.
 On the website one will find the image of the current and past windows with a direct link to the homepage of the respective artists and designers. This system allows to make direct contact to the artist or designer without engaging the gallery.

Everybody can apply to exhibit an installation in the Berlin-weekly window.

However, in order to keep a clear-cut course and a certain quality and originality the artists will be selected under certain curatorial aspects.

Artists and designers are invited to create an installation which is responsive to the exhibition space – the gallery window can be seen as a defined frame or showcase for the installation. The staged window installations by alternating artists and designers should expose the relation between art and design rather than blurring their boundaries.

Tel: +49 30 24036495

Opening hours

24/7 window gallery

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