Contributed - Studio for the Arts

CONTRIBUTED is a platform for image worlds and their publications. 
CONTRIBUTED shows creative productions in a real-time relevance to their publication in the magazine, book or catalogue, thus transforming zeitgeist into perceptible art. 
New means of perception are developed, hype is decelerated, the photo is given body - and consequently a bit of eternity. 

CONTRIBUTED was established at the beginning of 2009 as an open-framework project for fashion, design and the media, with international artists and fashion designers exhibiting their works or using the pages as a showroom. Parallel to this, there was a distinct focus on the art form of the publication. This orientation has now been followed.
Since 2010, CONTRIBUTED has been working as a regular gallery, and now operates in the art market.

CONTRIBUTED is located on the south side of Strausberger Platz, the first roundabout on Karl-Marx Allee travelling from Alexanderplatz, and is accordingly in the centre of the new art district of Berlin.

Tel: +49 30 8471 239 10

Opening hours

TUE-FRI: 2pm - 7pm &
SA: 12pm - 4pm

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