Zirkumflex, a multi-faceted creative company, is both a design studio and project platform in Berlin.

Zirkumflex provides a highly proficient technical approach to communication and editorial design needs, married with a precise understanding of today’s visual culture. We know it is essential to find innovative and tasteful solutions that unite art and communication in the current media landscape. Our background in the design industry and our dedication to the art scene provide a comprehensive insight and professionalism that we apply towards each project. We plan and design books, magazines, logos, websites, exhibition and display designs, posters, leaflets and catalogues by integrating our knowledge with communications, marketing and art professionals.

Since its establishment in April 2010 Zirkumflex is also a flexible project space hosting art exhibitions, events, and book launches. Our aim is to create connections between art and cutting-edge visual culture by publishing and exhibiting projects by international artists who have advanced contemporary and interdisciplinary art practice, forming a point of convergence where design is engaged in conversation with contemporary art.

Zirkumflex’s editions are the result of an encounter with artists, photographers, illustrators or designers exhibited in our space, leading to the production of a variety of limited edition art publications, conceived as works of art.

We offer special editions for sale, and design consulting services for institutions, private organizations and companies that support our exhibitions and publications program.

Tel: +49 (0) 30 33 02 94 78

Opening hours

MON-SAT 11-18h

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